Can women exercise during their periods?

Monday March 16th, 2020 / Uncategorized



This is one of the most common questions and all researches and studies conducted in this regard have found that women can exercise during their periods. Although the frequency and intensity of the exercise must be taken in to account in this regard, as each individual case is different.

Exercise during periods has positive impact on the body and aids in reducing pain and abdominal cramps. Moreover it improves the mood and helps in getting rid of depression and laziness, which are common elements of periods.

A substance called prostaglandin is secreted by the body, it is a type of the hormone, and happens to be the main cause behind mood swings and cramps. This may reduce pain and nervousness, however the intake must be controlled as it can be dangerous in large quantity.

If you experience bleeding, then switch to a low-intensity cardio exercise. The secret is not to go overboard. Water intake should be kept high while exercising as this would help you in the longer run as body would remain hydrated.

We advise you to go for light cardio exercises and avoid high-intensity workout sessions as that could potentially create problems.

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