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Your transformation is our passion

We solemnly believe that every human being can be fit and healthy and everyone has it in them, we simply unearth your talent, and push you beyond limits. Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team would help you get in shape in minimum time.

We want to provide sustainable solutions to our clients for long lasting health and happiness. We are completely aware of the fact that no two bodies are same, hence we provide tailored solutions as per your unique body needs through REVAMPERS mobile app which is a complete fitness guide with exciting features and tons of content it serves as your one stop guide of fitness that meets all your fitness needs.

You will get a tailored nutrition and workout plan just for you, live chat with your coach 24\7 and you can track all your results and performance in a professional way.

We would help you unleash your inner athlete by promoting long terms. Our indigenous team led by coach Ahmed Swedan who is the founder will help you to proffer mindful fitness whilst improving physical and mental health. Coach Ahmed is a fitness expert who has been working as a professional personal trainer since 2009. He is also a sports rehabilitation specialist and nutrition specialist, During his stint as a professional personal trainer he has changed the lives of thousands.

We know who you are and we know why you are here… THE REVAMPERS are here to help you elevate your present self, we would help you discover the hidden talents and will improve your fitness.

We’re thrilled to have you onboard!

Our Team

Willie D. Collins

Willie D. Collins

Personal Trainer