Barbell incline bench press

Exercise / Chest

How to perform the exercise

1. Lie flat on the incline bench with your face upwards and hands slightly outside.

2. Lift the weight with the help of your partner to ensure that you maintain the tightness in your upper back.

3. Once you lift the weight, let it settle for a bit, don’t rush.

4. Breathe slowly and let the bar descend steadily, whilst ensuring unlocked elbows.

5. Lower the bar to your chest bone and let it touch your chest.

6. Now push the bar upwards, maintain the straight line and extend your elbows. Push your feet firmly to the ground.

7. Repeat the entire process.

Exercise Tips

1.Concentrate on getting the technique right, weight is just a number.

2.Align the bar with your elbows and wrist, make sure they move travel in straight line.