Exercise / Glutes

How to perform the exercise

1. Step up to and under a barbell with your feet angled slightly outward, at hip width apart.

2. Bend over and grip the barbell with both hands at shoulder width.

3. Bend your knees until the bar almost touches your shins.

4. With a neutral spine, flex your butt and brace your stomach.

5. Pick the bar up off the ground (It helps to think “press DOWN into the floor with your feet through your heels”).

6. Continue pressing down with your legs until the barbell passes your knees, then thrust your hips forward until you are standing up.

7. Reverse your movement until the bar returns to its starting place on the ground.

8. High five yourself for you doing a deadlift.

Exercise Tips

1. Without moving the bar, or your hips, bend over and grab the bar.

2. Now that you’re holding onto the bar (but not moving it), move your hips down.

3. Press your chest out and flex your pecks like you’re King Kong getting ready to bang on your chest for intimidation.