Standing quadriceps stretch

Exercise / Quadriceps

How to perform the exercise

1. Stand on one leg. If you need support, hold onto something solid, such as a wall or chair, for support.

2. Bend your right knee and bring your heel toward your buttock.

3. Reach for your ankle with your opposite (left) hand.

4. Stand up straight and pull in your abdominal muscles. Try to keep your knees next to each other. Relax your shoulders. As you hold your leg in the bent position you will feel a slight pull along the front of your thigh and hip.

5. Breathe deeply and hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds, release and repeat on the left leg, this time holding your ankle with your right hand. Stretch each leg one to five times in a stretching session.

Exercise Tips

1. Do not bounce while performing the stretch

2. Don’t lock your standing knee during the stretch. Keep it soft.

3. Don’t allow your bent knee to move or drift outward. Keep the knees in next to each other.