T-Bar row

Exercise / Lower Back, Lower Trap

How to perform the exercise

1. Assume a standing position with the bar positioned directly between your legs.

2. Utilize a v-grip handle and place the bar directly in the notch of the v.

3. Hinge forward until your torso is roughly parallel with the floor (or slightly above) and then begin the movement by driving the elbows behind the body while retracting the shoulder blades.

4. Pull the bar towards your body until the plates touch your chest and then slowly lower the handle back to the starting position under control.

5. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Exercise Tips

1. Experiment with head position and see which option (looking forward vs. packing the neck) works better for you.

2. Keep some tone through your abdominals as you pull the bar into your body to ensure you don’t arch excessively through your spine.

3. Don’t allow momentum to dictate the movement, control the bar throughout the entirety of each rep.

4. Don’t allow the head to just forward as you pull.