How does one determine the Cardio duration?

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We highlighted the importance of cardio exercises in the previous topics. However the cardio duration remains an area of grave concern for many.

The general practice is that cardio duration is measured weekly, so the time you put into your cardio each day adds up the weekly tally.

For instance if you do cardio 20 minutes a day, for seven days then your cardio duration would be 140 minutes.

According to leading health intuitions such as NASM, American College and ACE, the average cardio duration should be in between 150-300 minutes. These would include different intensity exercises from, low to high everything.

A beginner may begin with 60 minutes, sometimes what happens is that people tend to start by mere thirty minutes and they also skip days, this is not a good practice. Instead of having positive outcomes, these could damage your body from inside.

One should start slow with the cardio, no need to start thirty minutes workout sessions from day one. This would do nothing but exhaust you and you soon would leave the routine.

Hence it is advised that you start slow, once your body get warmed up, this could take anywhere between five to fifteen days. Only then you should start increasing your cardio duration. For people who want to shred their fat they should do at least 25 minute cardio each week.

International organizations recommend 250-300 minute cardio duration for reducing weight.

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