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16 Jul


These body types were identified by American psychiatrist who was studying criminals actually. He identified that all human beings could be classified into three body structures.

Ectomorph: Weak structure and is unable to increase his fat mass and has no muscle mass either.

Mesomorph: These type of people have high muscle mass and have the tendency to gain fat mass quickly.

Endomorph: These type of people are huge and possess high muscle and fat mass. Moreover their bone structure is also broad and they give the feeling of a weight lifter.

The goal of this research was to study how these three body types impact criminology mindset amongst individuals and had nothing to do with exercise or diet routine. So the question that should their diet be based on body type wrong.

The study of these researches for something else. Ectomorphs are usually timid, weak and low on confidence. Moreover endomorphs are usually lazy and usually stay away from violence. These researches were conducted from images and hence are prone to lot of mistakes. Students from leading universities were photographed naked for the purpose of this research.

Universities such as Yale, Brown, and Harvard had this practice of photographing students at the time of admission. A number of leading men and women have also been photographed, these include Hillary Clinton and George Bush. The method was controversial as it depended on naked eye and lacked accuracy.


Body types does not necessarily measure the amount of calories an individual has to take, there are numerous other factors involved in this too. You can do muscle elongation exercises for 60 seconds, twice a day and this would improve your muscle flexibility. On the contrary, joint flexibility depends on lack of muscle mass and elongation of muscles can happen through exercise.

16 Jul

Adaptation Stage (Plateau): It is the body’s failure to garner the desired results and stability. This could be in terms of both weight loss or muscle gain. One must know how he got here. Following are the possible reason behind it.

First Reason: Chances are that you might be doing the same exercise for 14 days or a month, if you are unable to get the desired results within one month you need to switch the training program. What happens is that the body adapts to a certain regimen and hence there is no impact on the body as the body gets used to it.

Second Reason: Not following a healthy diet plan, if you are unable to get the results from training program, then try altering your diet plan. You must try to cook the food in a healthy way, as we are what we eat, therefore one must pay full attention of what one eats. Meal timings are also crucial in this regard. Frequent changes in food content could also upset your system and hence your body is unable to give you the desired results from exercise.

Third Reason: Let your body relax, as warm-up is important for a body, so is the relaxation, yoga, meditation and massage is extremely helpful in this regard.


For Girls * I want to control my body weight and shape* and want to look like celebrities, what should I do?

You must first know the difference between both resistance and cardio exercises, cardio does not necessarily mean that you would lose fat through it. If you reduce your calorie intake the fat would automatically burn and released from the body without cardio or resistance exercises.

On the flip side in case of resistance exercises the muscle strength is increased at the expense of fat, it aids in reducing fat count through food control. You can learn how many calories your body requires normally and reducing the calorie count would aid in burning fat.

As for the girls of media industry they adhere to several training programs through which they stay fit and in shape.

As for the nutritional supplements endorsed by celebrities, it is not necessary that the supplements work. This is just a marketing gimmick. In order to get your body in desired shape you need to exercise and follow a healthy diet plan.



16 Jul


There are various training methods which one may adopt, each has a different goal and follows a distinct approach. Health history and sports knowledge of the trainee play a pivotal role in determining the training system. Moreover the current fitness level and the goal are also important determinants in this regard. Following are some of the training programs.

  1. Super Sets Program: It is a specifically designed program to enhance muscle balance and endurance. It consists of two sets of exercises performed simultaneously with a short interval of rest in between.
  2. Split System: This system is designed for losing weight and gaining muscle strength, the body is divided into upper and lower parts. It includes exercises for both front and back body alongside the push and pull working routines.
  3. Drop sets: This routine increases muscle durability through enhanced blood pumping, the routine is segregated into three to four stages each having its own set of exercises and goals. However, the primary goal of entire routine is to reduce weight.
  4. HIIT: This training program is designed to improve the respiratory system by increased cardiac functionality. It involves high intensity exercises within a short span of time.
  5. Pyramid sets: This routine increases muscle strength, improves respiratory system and enhances endurance. The weight is gradually increased with each set, and then after reaching the maximum capacity the weight is gradually reduced with each set, hence the name pyramid.

These are just some of the systems there are several other systems also which would be explained in the other articles.

16 Jul


Yes, it is possible, and you can do so by following the following methods.

If you are not suffering from chronic diseases then you should try and follow nutritionist suggested diet plans to increase your body mass. Each training program has a specific diet plan attached to it, for gaining muscle, you would need to follow the diet plan that has more protein intake.

However, one thing to note here is that increased muscle count means more calorie intake. Therefore you should try and strike a balance between the protein and carb intake. Once you establish that you’ll be able to gain muscle and shred fat through the same training program.

A large number of training programs are available to gain muscle mass, however it is strongly recommended that relevant measurements and tests are conducted in order to choose the right training program. One that would not only fit your needs but would also aid you in achieving the desired goals.

Each body is unique and has its own distinct requirements in terms of calorie count, in fact your work also plays a pivotal role in determining the required calorie count.

Once the calorie count has been measured only then the nutritionist can set a diet plan which would include the intake of carbs, healthy fats, proteins alongside mineral salts and fiber. In other articles we have provided a complete layout of these diet plans.

(Kindly note that there is no fixed training or diet plan for all people)

People suffering from chronic diseases must follow a specially designed diet and training program, one that helps them cater their distinct individual needs.

15 Jul


The question actually means that fewer calories are consumed than the original body requirements, so does this mean that you have a problem with your metabolic rate ?

To answer this question however, we first need to know what actually is the metabolic rate? and how it is measured through the InBody.

So the InBody measures the metabolic rate by sending electric pulses through the body, these pulses measure the current percentage of water in each cell, on the basis of this collected data, a reading is displayed. So what does an individual do if he knows that the burn rate is slower than average.

So, before we jump into those details, the first thing to know is that that the fat mass of the body does not consume energy, it is in fact the muscle mass of the body which uses energy. So from this we can deduce that more the muscle mass of the body, more calories would it consume.

On the contrary the greater the fat mass on the body, less calories would be needed as the cells are weak and hence the body too would consequently seek less energy. So if you have high fat mass you must try to lower your fat mass by increasing your muscle mass.

This would not only aid you in shedding fat but would further assist you in optimizing your calorie burning rate.  

03 Jul


To acquire your dream body shape you first need to have complete information regarding your body measurements such as your height, weight, fat ratio and calorie metabolic rate.

Moreover you also need to be familiar with the consistency of your muscles. In addition to this information you should also know exactly what sort of training program you want, this is mainly determined through your agility, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.

However, you won’t be able to achieve your dream body shape until you are completely committed to the training program. You should follow the recommended diet plan religiously whilst keep a close check on your calorie intake, these all hold true for both muscle gain and shredding fat.

So what is the ideal slimming regime?

There are a plethora of diet plans available notably the fasting, keto, and vegetarian. These diet plans cover your carb and protein count.

So from this one may deduce that there is no one system which might guarantee success. You should be vigilant and choose the one which suits you and helps you in achieving your goals.

Since each body is unique and has its own set of requirements, therefore something that worked for someone might not work for you given your body condition. Even small actions such as sleeping patterns and eating habits have long-lasting impact on an individual’s health.

However, one thing which everyone must ensure is that they should eat clean and healthy. Each diet plan comes with its set of pros and cons, where some might help you gain body mass, other might prove beneficial in trimming the belly flab, however while formulating a diet plan, nutritionist must take into account the allergies which an individual might have.

An easy advice is to keep it simple, eat healthy, clean and in time and everything would be fine. You could use mobile apps to check your calorie intake.

16 Apr


It is not possible to reduce fat from a specific area of body without impacting other parts of the body. Each person fat accumulation sites vary as it is directly related to genes, some might have belly fats, where others might have chubby face and arms, so it varies from person to person.

However, muscles weaken with the accumulation of fat, therefore increasing the muscle strength of that particular area would result in fat loss.

So, that means I can lose weight by only doing cardio?

So, before we get into other details, let’s see what cardio really means, word ‘Cardio’ in Latin is used for circulatory and respiratory system. Heart is the central organ of the body and it has many functionalities.

It is not only the integral part of circulatory system but it is also responsible for other vital actions in human body.

Oxygen comes to the lungs and then from there is distributed to the other parts of the body accordingly.

Hence, a relationship is clearly seen between weight and cardio. The intensity of cardio exercises varies depending on the goal and individual health.

16 Mar


It occurs due to frequent heavy weight lifting, if you are suffering from this then you must visit the doctor as the condition is serious.

The doctor would surely identify it as the inflammation of tendons. So, now let’s dig into why this happens in the first place.

The excessive load lifting takes a toll on muscles and since they have their own capacity and once they are filled up to the brim, the immune system kicks in by producing infections and collecting water in the tendons. So thats why to have a good stretching before your workout is important to protect your tendons.

This is the major reason behind the tendon inflammation. There are numerous exercises which improve tendon efficiency and decrease the pain we talked about before.