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16 Jul


These body types were identified by American psychiatrist who was studying criminals actually. He identified that all human beings could be classified into three body structures.

Ectomorph: Weak structure and is unable to increase his fat mass and has no muscle mass either.

Mesomorph: These type of people have high muscle mass and have the tendency to gain fat mass quickly.

Endomorph: These type of people are huge and possess high muscle and fat mass. Moreover their bone structure is also broad and they give the feeling of a weight lifter.

The goal of this research was to study how these three body types impact criminology mindset amongst individuals and had nothing to do with exercise or diet routine. So the question that should their diet be based on body type wrong.

The study of these researches for something else. Ectomorphs are usually timid, weak and low on confidence. Moreover endomorphs are usually lazy and usually stay away from violence. These researches were conducted from images and hence are prone to lot of mistakes. Students from leading universities were photographed naked for the purpose of this research.

Universities such as Yale, Brown, and Harvard had this practice of photographing students at the time of admission. A number of leading men and women have also been photographed, these include Hillary Clinton and George Bush. The method was controversial as it depended on naked eye and lacked accuracy.


Body types does not necessarily measure the amount of calories an individual has to take, there are numerous other factors involved in this too. You can do muscle elongation exercises for 60 seconds, twice a day and this would improve your muscle flexibility. On the contrary, joint flexibility depends on lack of muscle mass and elongation of muscles can happen through exercise.