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16 Jul

Adaptation Stage (Plateau): It is the body’s failure to garner the desired results and stability. This could be in terms of both weight loss or muscle gain. One must know how he got here. Following are the possible reason behind it.

First Reason: Chances are that you might be doing the same exercise for 14 days or a month, if you are unable to get the desired results within one month you need to switch the training program. What happens is that the body adapts to a certain regimen and hence there is no impact on the body as the body gets used to it.

Second Reason: Not following a healthy diet plan, if you are unable to get the results from training program, then try altering your diet plan. You must try to cook the food in a healthy way, as we are what we eat, therefore one must pay full attention of what one eats. Meal timings are also crucial in this regard. Frequent changes in food content could also upset your system and hence your body is unable to give you the desired results from exercise.

Third Reason: Let your body relax, as warm-up is important for a body, so is the relaxation, yoga, meditation and massage is extremely helpful in this regard.


For Girls * I want to control my body weight and shape* and want to look like celebrities, what should I do?

You must first know the difference between both resistance and cardio exercises, cardio does not necessarily mean that you would lose fat through it. If you reduce your calorie intake the fat would automatically burn and released from the body without cardio or resistance exercises.

On the flip side in case of resistance exercises the muscle strength is increased at the expense of fat, it aids in reducing fat count through food control. You can learn how many calories your body requires normally and reducing the calorie count would aid in burning fat.

As for the girls of media industry they adhere to several training programs through which they stay fit and in shape.

As for the nutritional supplements endorsed by celebrities, it is not necessary that the supplements work. This is just a marketing gimmick. In order to get your body in desired shape you need to exercise and follow a healthy diet plan.



16 May


Generally, both carbs and protein do not have a direct effect on body directly after the exercise. However there is certainly a difference if a person eats on an empty stomach or a full one. If you are exercising on an empty stomach then the following meal should be a complete one, full of carbs proteins and fats.

This would aid is supplying the body the nutrients which were lost during the exercise. However, if you exercise on a full stomach then the nutritionists have a divided opinion. Few are of the point of view that it does not matter whether you have protein or carbs after exercise, as long as there is a 20-40 minutes gap. As protein helps in absorption and hence few nutritionists are of the opinion that the amount of proteins should be more as compared to carbs.

The role of carbs is to fill the energy storage cells and of course their importance also cannot be understated.

What is a cheat meal and when can I have it?

Firstly we need to understand that what is a cheat day, it is actually pretty evident from the name itself that it is the day where you eat freely and the calorie intake is usually higher than the normal days. However, people tend to go overboard, and this is where the problems start arising. Since people do not calculate their calorie count and consume large number of calories, therefore they suffer from high blood pressure. Water is confined in the body which leads to high blood pressure, and can potentially cause a lot of damage to the body. Therefore, even on a cheat day, one has to pay special attention to the calorie count.

There is also a refeed day, everything is same as cheat day, however the results are completely different. Instead of eating fats and proteins, carbs are consumed in more quantity, if one is losing weight then the carbs would be consumed 40% more than the regular content on the refeed day, this won’t have any side effects. As carbs are consumed directly and are not stored.