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16 Jul


There are various training methods which one may adopt, each has a different goal and follows a distinct approach. Health history and sports knowledge of the trainee play a pivotal role in determining the training system. Moreover the current fitness level and the goal are also important determinants in this regard. Following are some of the training programs.

  1. Super Sets Program: It is a specifically designed program to enhance muscle balance and endurance. It consists of two sets of exercises performed simultaneously with a short interval of rest in between.
  2. Split System: This system is designed for losing weight and gaining muscle strength, the body is divided into upper and lower parts. It includes exercises for both front and back body alongside the push and pull working routines.
  3. Drop sets: This routine increases muscle durability through enhanced blood pumping, the routine is segregated into three to four stages each having its own set of exercises and goals. However, the primary goal of entire routine is to reduce weight.
  4. HIIT: This training program is designed to improve the respiratory system by increased cardiac functionality. It involves high intensity exercises within a short span of time.
  5. Pyramid sets: This routine increases muscle strength, improves respiratory system and enhances endurance. The weight is gradually increased with each set, and then after reaching the maximum capacity the weight is gradually reduced with each set, hence the name pyramid.

These are just some of the systems there are several other systems also which would be explained in the other articles.