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16 May


Generally, both carbs and protein do not have a direct effect on body directly after the exercise. However there is certainly a difference if a person eats on an empty stomach or a full one. If you are exercising on an empty stomach then the following meal should be a complete one, full of carbs proteins and fats.

This would aid is supplying the body the nutrients which were lost during the exercise. However, if you exercise on a full stomach then the nutritionists have a divided opinion. Few are of the point of view that it does not matter whether you have protein or carbs after exercise, as long as there is a 20-40 minutes gap. As protein helps in absorption and hence few nutritionists are of the opinion that the amount of proteins should be more as compared to carbs.

The role of carbs is to fill the energy storage cells and of course their importance also cannot be understated.

What is a cheat meal and when can I have it?

Firstly we need to understand that what is a cheat day, it is actually pretty evident from the name itself that it is the day where you eat freely and the calorie intake is usually higher than the normal days. However, people tend to go overboard, and this is where the problems start arising. Since people do not calculate their calorie count and consume large number of calories, therefore they suffer from high blood pressure. Water is confined in the body which leads to high blood pressure, and can potentially cause a lot of damage to the body. Therefore, even on a cheat day, one has to pay special attention to the calorie count.

There is also a refeed day, everything is same as cheat day, however the results are completely different. Instead of eating fats and proteins, carbs are consumed in more quantity, if one is losing weight then the carbs would be consumed 40% more than the regular content on the refeed day, this won’t have any side effects. As carbs are consumed directly and are not stored.



16 Apr


It is not possible to reduce fat from a specific area of body without impacting other parts of the body. Each person fat accumulation sites vary as it is directly related to genes, some might have belly fats, where others might have chubby face and arms, so it varies from person to person.

However, muscles weaken with the accumulation of fat, therefore increasing the muscle strength of that particular area would result in fat loss.

So, that means I can lose weight by only doing cardio?

So, before we get into other details, let’s see what cardio really means, word ‘Cardio’ in Latin is used for circulatory and respiratory system. Heart is the central organ of the body and it has many functionalities.

It is not only the integral part of circulatory system but it is also responsible for other vital actions in human body.

Oxygen comes to the lungs and then from there is distributed to the other parts of the body accordingly.

Hence, a relationship is clearly seen between weight and cardio. The intensity of cardio exercises varies depending on the goal and individual health.

16 Mar


It occurs due to frequent heavy weight lifting, if you are suffering from this then you must visit the doctor as the condition is serious.

The doctor would surely identify it as the inflammation of tendons. So, now let’s dig into why this happens in the first place.

The excessive load lifting takes a toll on muscles and since they have their own capacity and once they are filled up to the brim, the immune system kicks in by producing infections and collecting water in the tendons. So thats why to have a good stretching before your workout is important to protect your tendons.

This is the major reason behind the tendon inflammation. There are numerous exercises which improve tendon efficiency and decrease the pain we talked about before.

16 Mar



This is one of the most common questions and all researches and studies conducted in this regard have found that women can exercise during their periods. Although the frequency and intensity of the exercise must be taken in to account in this regard, as each individual case is different.

Exercise during periods has positive impact on the body and aids in reducing pain and abdominal cramps. Moreover it improves the mood and helps in getting rid of depression and laziness, which are common elements of periods.

A substance called prostaglandin is secreted by the body, it is a type of the hormone, and happens to be the main cause behind mood swings and cramps. This may reduce pain and nervousness, however the intake must be controlled as it can be dangerous in large quantity.

If you experience bleeding, then switch to a low-intensity cardio exercise. The secret is not to go overboard. Water intake should be kept high while exercising as this would help you in the longer run as body would remain hydrated.

We advise you to go for light cardio exercises and avoid high-intensity workout sessions as that could potentially create problems.