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Privacy policy

REVAMPERS provides an online personal training service personally tailored for each client goal. By using our App you agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. We take your privacy seriously. We are committed to ensuring that the personal information we gather from you is secure and confidential. We do not sell, rent or trade our customers’ personal data.

Information Collected By Revampers

The information we collect in order to create your REVAMPERS profile includes data such as your name, number and email address. The email address may be used to contact you with matters regarding REVAMPERS, such as a newsletter, notifications of new messages from other REVAMPERS members, or an announcement about a new product or service. We also collect some personal fitness information so that we can provide you with a personalized plan for successful progress. We also collects other profile data including but not limited to: personal interests, geographical location, gender, and age to know about your lifestyle to help you change to a better one. REVAMPERS collects personal information about you when you sign up for a your account. This information includes your age, metric preferences, and other personal fitness details. We also stores the data you enter about workouts, exercise, and anything you choose to track and keep records of.


Updating or Editing Information

Users may modify or remove any of their personal information at any time by logging into their account and accessing features such as Edit Profile and Account Settings. You can unsubscribe by sending us Email at (info@the-revampers.com)


Personal Information Security

REVAMPERS makes sure that every online communication with our customers meets our high standards of privacy and security. We take precautions to insure that member account information is kept private. We do this by using a secure server with software that encrypts all of your confidential information before you send it to us. We also protect your privacy by limiting employee access to and use of customers’ personal data. In addition, we take a range of measures to protect all customer data against unlawful or unauthorized access and have in place appropriate physical, technical and organizational security procedures to protect against damage, loss, destruction, misuse and alteration of customer data.



Terms & Conditions

By using the REVAMPERS application or the-revampers.com , you are subject to certain terms and conditions as set forth below:

  • By creating your account, you warrant that all the information provided by you for registration is true and accurate.
  • You accept full and complete responsibility for your own ability to healthfully participate in the online training.
  • You are responsible for the information about your health and training history you provide us.
  • You release REVAMPERS team from any responsibility or liability for any injury, damage or any loss whatsoever.
  • Your can’t refund your payment after creating the program for you. you can unsubscribe only within the first 24 hours from payment. 
  • You are committed for coach instructions and healthy tips for positive change.

REVAMPERS are not responsible for any health problems that may result from training programs or misleading information you provide us.