The initial reading of BMR is less than the normal range, does it imply that I have an issue with my metabolic rate?

Wednesday July 15th, 2020 / Uncategorized


The question actually means that fewer calories are consumed than the original body requirements, so does this mean that you have a problem with your metabolic rate ?

To answer this question however, we first need to know what actually is the metabolic rate? and how it is measured through the InBody.

So the InBody measures the metabolic rate by sending electric pulses through the body, these pulses measure the current percentage of water in each cell, on the basis of this collected data, a reading is displayed. So what does an individual do if he knows that the burn rate is slower than average.

So, before we jump into those details, the first thing to know is that that the fat mass of the body does not consume energy, it is in fact the muscle mass of the body which uses energy. So from this we can deduce that more the muscle mass of the body, more calories would it consume.

On the contrary the greater the fat mass on the body, less calories would be needed as the cells are weak and hence the body too would consequently seek less energy. So if you have high fat mass you must try to lower your fat mass by increasing your muscle mass.

This would not only aid you in shedding fat but would further assist you in optimizing your calorie burning rate.  

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